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M - Sat: 9:00am - 4:45pm
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Last Admissions Sales Time is 4:15pm
CLOSED: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

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M - F: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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Welcome to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum is part of the Presidential Library system administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, a Federal government agency.

If you would like to contact the President and Mrs. Carter or the Carter Center staff, please click this link for more information: http://www.cartercenter.org/about/contact.html

News & Announcements

  • NEW CURRICULUM!!! - The President's Travels - The President's Travels is NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: 19 Units, covering grades 2 - 12, all GPS-correlated, based on primary sources from our holdings, and covering a breadth of content areas: Geography, U. S. History, Civics, Energy & Environment, Human Rights, U. S. Foreign Policy, Science & Health, Current Events, the Middle-East, Segregation & Civil Rights, even Character Education

  • FIELD TRIP SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!!!! - The Jimmy Carter Library & Museum and the Coca-Cola Foundation have generously established funding for the Carter Library to provide transportation funds for Georgia schools to use when bringing students to our newly-renovated museum for educational activities.

  • CIVIL WAR HISTORY: Atlanta and Copenhill - An Article written by James A. Yancey, Jr., Former Archivist, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. The Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library are located on prime property that has been the scene of several historically significant events during Atlanta's relatively brief history.

Exhibits & Events

  • Gary Moore - "Rosewood, The Full Story" - Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Lobby - Free and Open to the Public

    The Rosewood atrocity of January 1-7, 1923, destroyed the rural African American community of Rosewood, Florida, in an act of mob violence, but went officially unrecorded. Under pressure from cultural denial, it became a bizarre secret by the time it was unearthed in 1982 by journalist Gary Moore, who publicized it first in the St. Petersburg Times, where he was on staff, and then took it to "60 Minutes," where he served as background reporter on a television segment airing in 1983. Tracing the previously uninterviewed Rosewood survivors, witnesses and other informants, Moore has become acknowledged as the authority on the Rosewood evidence. more...

  • Jim Wallis - "America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America" - Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    In America's Original Sin, Wallis offers a prophetic and deeply personal call to action in overcoming the racism so ingrained in American society. He speaks candidly to Christians-particularly white Christians-urging them to cross a new bridge toward racial justice and healing. more...

  • David Greenberg - "Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency" - Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library and Museum Theater - Free and Open to the Public/Co-sponsored by the Emory Dept. of History

    In Republic of Spin-a vibrant history covering more than one hundred years of politics-presidential historian David Greenberg recounts the rise of the White House spin machine, from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama. His sweeping, startling narrative takes us behind the scenes to see how the tools and techniques of image making and message craft work. more...

  • Pete Laurence - "Becoming Jane Jacobs" - Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    As the legend goes, Jane Jacobs, a housewife, single-handedly took on Robert Moses, New York City's powerful master builder, and other city planners who sought first to level her Greenwich Village neighborhood and then to drive a highway through it. This is her story. more...

  • Leonard Teel - "Reporting the Cuban Revolution" - Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 7:00 - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    Reporting the Cuban Revolution reveals the untold story of thirteen American journalists in Cuba whose stories about Fidel Castro's revolution changed the way Americans viewed the conflict and altered U.S. foreign policy in Castro's favor. more...

  • Ray Locker - "Nixon's Gamble: How a President's Own Secret Government Destroyed His Administration" - Wesdnesday, March 2, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    Using years of research and revelations from newly released documents, USA Today reporter Ray Locker spends much of the conventional wisdom about the Nixon administration and its impact and shows how the creation of his secret, unprecedented, extra-constitutional government undermined U.S. policy and values. In doing so, Nixon sowed the seeds of his own destruction by creating a climate of secrecy, paranoia, and reprisal that still affects Washington today. more...

  • Matt Desmond - "Poverty and Profit in the American City" - Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    In this brilliant, heartbreaking book, Matthew Desmond takes us into the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee to tell the story of eight families on the edge. Even in the most desolate areas of American cities, evictions used to be rare. But today, most poor renting families are spending more than half of their income on housing, and eviction has become ordinary, especially for single mothers. In vivid, intimate prose, Desmond provides a ground-level view of one of the most urgent issues facing America today. more...

  • Stephen Harrigan - "A Friend of Mr. Lincoln" - Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    Stephen Harrigan is the author of nine previous books, including the New York Times best seller The Gates of the Alamo. His new book "A Friend of Mr. Lincoln" gives us a galvanizing portrait of Abraham Lincoln during his Springfield years, when he risked both his sanity and his ethical bearings as he searched for the great destiny he believed to be his. more...

  • Ryan Gravel - "Where We Want to Live" - Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Center's Cecil B. Day Chapel - Free & Open to the Public/***Gravel will be interviewed by the former First Lady of Atlanta, Valerie Jackson.***

    Atlanta's Beltline project is a 22-mile loop of old railroads based on the idea that creative design on infrastructure systems can direct private investment to accomplish public goals. Infra-culture dives into the Beltline project, which was born as a way to reinvigorate Atlanta's in town communities with appropriate new development and improved transit mobility, and takes a look at other cities that have benefitted or could benefit from a project similar to the Beltline. more...

  • Hermina Glass-Hill - "History, Memory & War: Susie King Taylor - The Validity of Her Voice and Commentary" - Tuesday, March 22 and Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 10:00am - Lecture - Carter Presidential Library & Museum, Theater B - Free and Open to the Public

    The autobiography of Susie King Taylor, "Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33rd U.S.C.T.", published in 1902, is a powerful primary source that places her there in the trenches with the first federally authorized black Civil War regiment (33rd United States Colored Troops). more...

  • Andrew Bacevich - "America's War for the Greater Middle East" - Monday, April 11, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Booksigning - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    Retired army colonel and New York Times bestselling author Andrew J. Bacevich writes a searing new book that calls for a fundamental reorientation-and demilitarization-of U.S. military policy in the Middle East, Author and historian Robert Dallek says "Andrew Bacevich's thoughtful, persuasive critique of America's crusade for the Greater Middle East should be compulsory reading for anyone charged with making policy for the region. We cannot afford to repeat the past misjudgments on the area. As Bacevich wisely argues, the stakes are nothing less than the future well-being of the United States." more...

  • Randall Woods - "Prisoners of Hope: Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the Limits of Liberalism" - Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum - Free & Open to the Public

    In Prisoners of Hope, prize-winning historian Randall B. Woods presents the first comprehensive history of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, exploring both the breathtaking possibilities of visionary politics, as well as its limits. more...

  • William Geroux - "The Mathews Men: Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler's U-boats" - Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    One of the last unheralded heroic stories of World War II: the U-boat assault off the American coast against the men of the U.S. Merchant Marine who were supplying the European war, and one community's monumental contribution to that effort. more...

  • Meg Jacobs - "Panic At The Pump" - Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 7:00pm - Reading/Book Signing - Carter Presidential Library & Museum Theater - Free & Open to the Public

    In Panic at the Pump, Meg Jacobs shows how a succession of crises beginning with the 1973 Arab oil embargo prompted American politicians to seek energy independence, and how their failure to do so shaped the world we live in. When the crisis hit, the Democratic Party was divided, with older New Deal liberals who prized access to affordable energy squaring off against young environmentalists who pushed for conservation. more...

  • Colson Whitehead - "The Underground Railroad " - Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:00pm - Lecture/Book Signing - Carter Center's Cecil B. Day Chapel - Free and Open to the Public

    Pulitzer Prize finalist Colson Whitehead is a New York Times bestselling author, a recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award and a MacArthur Fellowship. His novel tells the story of Cora, a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hellish for all slaves, but Cora is an outcast even among her fellow Africans. Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her of the Underground Railroad and they plot their escape. Things do not go as planned. more...

Photographs of Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter.

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