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Documents and Photographs from the Jimmy Carter Library Collections

Although the Carter Library staff has made no attempt to systematically scan entire collections, a number of documents and photographs are already available.

President and Mrs. Carter's 1940 Census

The Camp David Accords After Twenty-Five Years
To commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Camp David Accords, the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum has created a three-part collection of historical material to facilitate research on this milestone event.

Selected Documents from the Jimmy Carter Library, 1977-1981
83 multitude textual documents from the Jimmy Carter Library have been digitized in the Archival Research Catalog/Online Public Access (OPA). OPA (instructions)

Photographs from the Jimmy Carter Library Collection
The Library holds approximately 600,000 still photographs; 839 of these photos as well as over 2,000 contact sheets are accessible on the Archival Research Catalog/Online Public Access (OPA). OPA (instructions)

Oral Histories at the Jimmy Carter Library
List of oral histories available for research, and transcripts available for download.

Information about Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter and the Carter Presidency
Biographies, genealogical information, presidential chronology, Cabinet Officers, President Carter Trips, Medal of Freedom Awards, Press Conferences, National Security Council Meetings, church attendance, bibliography, post-presidential chronology, etc.

Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, December 10, 2002

Key Legislation During the Carter Administration

Executive Orders Issued by President Jimmy Carter

The NSC Staff and Organization

President's Daily Diary, 1977-1981
The President's Daily Diary is created and maintained by the White House Office of Appointments and Scheduling and provides a record of the President's daily activities, visitors, conversations, etc.

Presidential Directives

Presidential Review Memorandums

Selected Speeches of Jimmy Carter
Inaugural Address, State of the Union Address (1978-1981), and Farewell Address

The Camp David Accords
Documents related to the Peace Treaty, including correspondence related to those agreements.

The Hostage Crisis in Iran
A brief narrative of events leading to the hostage crisis.

The Hostages and The Casualties
This list was adapted from information in Free At Last by Doyle McManus.

Iran Hostage's Diary / Robert C. Ode
A prison journal was kept by Robert C. Ode after being taken captive by Iranian student terrorists at the American embassy in Tehran. Ode donated the diary and other correspondence to the Carter archives.

Panama Canal Treaties (List of Documents)

Dr. Samuel Mudd
Instructions on retrieving the documents concerning the innocence of Dr. Samuel Mudd (the physician who set John Wilkes Booth's broken leg after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln) from the Robert J. Lipshutz Files.

Human Rights Documents
Instructions on retrieving the Human Rights Documents from the Robert J. Lipshutz Files.

Alaska Lands
Instructions on retrieving the documents relating to Alaska Lands from the Margaret McKenna Files.

Menus for State Dinners during the Carter Administration
State Dinners from February 14, 1977 - October 7, 1980.

Campaign '74 Source Book DNC Documents
Instructions on retrieving the Campaign '74 Source Book DNC document from the Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Health Issues, Bourne.

A Message on Justice
Jimmy Carter's "Law Day Address", University of Georgia, May 4, 1974.

Inaugural Address as Governor of Georgia
Jimmy Carter's "Inaugural Address, January 12, 1971".

Jimmy Carter Remembers Gerald Ford
"CNN, January 3, 2007".

Carter White House Staff Organizational Directory, 1977
White House Offices with names, also includes the Vice-President's.

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