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President Carter's Trips as President

President Carter traveled 224,668 miles as President, 94,398 miles on foreign trips, and 130,270 miles on domestic trips. This information was compiled from information at the Jimmy Carter Library, and the U. S. State Department publication Visits Abroad of the Presidents of the United States. The lists presented here are a compilation of responses to reference inquiries to the Library staff. There is some overlap in them, as vacation trips are included in fishing trips, etc.

Lists of Trips:

President Carter's Trips to Foreign Destinations

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President Carter's Vacations while in Office

Total hours = 1901.0

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President Carter's Visits to Camp David

Total hours for 1977 = 810.5

Total hours for 1978 = 1,833.75

Total hours for 1979 = 1,933.0

Total hours for 1980 = 2,021.75

Total hours for 1981 = 48.5

Total hours = 6,647.5

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President Carter's Fishing Trips

(Note: This list was compiled by the staff of the Jimmy Carter Library from the President's Daily Diary, and includes those trips where there is some indication in the Diary that the President went fishing sometime in the trip.)

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