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Selected Photographs from the Jimmy Carter Library Collection

Pres. Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Pres. Anwar Sadat at a ceremony for the Camp David Summit.

The Library holds approximately 600,000 still photographs; 839 of these photos as well as over 2,000 contact sheets are accessible on the internet via the Archival Research Catalog/Online Public Access (OPA). OPA

OPA Searching Instructions

Your search will bring up thumbnail images with a link to larger images and bibliographic descriptions. Note: The Library requires the Online Identifier Number to access the photograph in which you are interested.

The Jimmy Carter Library will copy any of its photographic holdings for mail-order researchers. For a list of fees, please view the Library Fees for Copy Services. Contact the Library with your specific requests for an exact price quotation.

You may also search the 800 pages of manuscript material from our collections that are imaged in the National Archives Catalog. Check the "Descriptions of Archival Materials linked to digital copies" box on the Basic Search form and follow the above instructions.

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