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Jimmy Carter - Selected Photographs

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Pres. Jimmy Carter & First Lady Rosalynn Carter on Inauguration Day walking down Pennsylvania Ave.,  1/21/1977 (NLC-WHSP-C-00025-24) Pres.Jimmy Carter at his desk in the Oval Office, 2/8/1977 (NLC-WHSP-C-00251-10a) Pres. Jimmy Carter and Pres. Anwar Sadat at Camp David, 2/7/1978 (NLC-WHSP-C-04262-4)
Pres. Jimmy Carter in the Grand Tetons, 8/26/1978 (NLC-WHSP-C-07163-26) Pres. Jimmy Carter delivering his speech on inflation, 10/24/1978 (NLC-WHSP-C-08067-5) Pres. Jimmy Carter at the dedication of the solar panels on the West Wing of the White House, 6/20/1979 (NLC-WHSP-C-11450-21a)
Pres. Jimmy Carter before the airing of Energy Address, 7/15/1979 (NLC-WHSP-C-11940-14a) Pres. Jimmy Carter fishing in Alaska, 7/10/1980 (NLC-WHSP-C-18112-19a)
Pres. Jimmy Carter on the phone in the Oval Office, 8/7/1980 (NLC-WHSP-C-18505-26 Pres. Jimmy Carter and Vice-Pres. Walter Mondale at the 1980 Democratic National Convention, 8/14/1980 (NLC-WHSP-C-1857-21)

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