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The Panama Canal Treaties: How Treaties are Ratified


To give students an understanding of how the executive and legislative branches, influenced by popular opinion, work toward the ratification of a treaty.

Correlation to Georgia
GPS Standards:

9-12th American Government

  • Identifies the influences and impact of lobbying, special interests, constituent demand and pork-barreling in the legislative process
  • Identifies and illustrates the various roles a president must simultaneously fulfill while in office
  • Identifies and analyzes the constitutional process a president has at his/her disposal and how various presidents have used or been unable to use these powers


  • Analyzes interpretations of same event from different sources
  • Distinguishes between fact and opinion
  • Determines the sequence of events required for a given historical interpretation
  • Collects evidence using appropriate, reliable data
  • Cites short and long range positive and negative consequences of alternatives


Introduction: Searching for History (Sheet 1)

Background Information for Teachers

Student Materials:


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