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Time Line

November 4 Governor Jimmy Carter is elected U.S. President
December Sol Linowitz, expert on Latin America and former ambassador to Organization of American States (OAS) appointed by President-elect Jimmy Carter to head Linowitz Commission on U.S.-Latin American Relations.
January 21 Governor Jimmy Carter inaugurated as U.S. President
March 9 Food and Drug Administration announces a ban on the use of saccharin in foods and beverages
March 21 Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi defeated in Indian elections
April 18

President Carter calls for a national energy plan that would involve U.S. citizens in "the moral equivalent of war"

May 4 Former President Richard Nixon admits that he let America down in a T.V. interview with David Frost
May 30-June 12 Rosalynn Carter tours Latin American countries as official representative for the President
June 7

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Silver Jubilee (25 Years on Throne)

June 16

Communist Party General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev becomes first party chief to also be named president of the Soviet Union

July 13

Huge power failure left 9 million people in and around New York city without electricity

July 22

Chinese government announces that Teng Hsiao-ping (Deng Xioaping) is now rehabilitated and will resume posts as party deputy chairman and deputy prime minister

August 4Energy Department created.
August 10 Final agreement reached with Panamanian negotiators
September 7 Panama Canal Treaties signing ceremony
September 21 Bert Lance resigns as director of Office of Management and Budget over disputed financial practices
October 14 Carter- Torrijos Statement of Understanding -allowed treaties to; go before a national Panamanian referendum
October 23 Panamanians approve Canal Treaties by a 2/3 majority
November 20 President Sadat of Egypt addresses the Israeli Knesset asking for peace; Israeli Prime Minister Begin pledges "no more war"
January 13 Senator and former Vice President Hubert Humphrey dies at age of 66
January 19 President delivers first State of the Union address
January 30 Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes to recommend the Panama Canal Treaties for approval by full Senate
February Full Senate debate on Panama Canal Treaties begin
March 14 Israel invades and occupies southern Lebanon
March 16 Senate ratifies first Panama Treaty
April 18 Senate ratifies second Panama Treaty
May 9 Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro found dead after kid-napped by Red Brigade Terrorists
May 26 Legalized casino gambling opens in Atlantic City, N.J.
June 16 President Carter goes to Panama to sign the official transfer documents concluding the treaty exchange
June 28 U.S. Supreme Court upholds affirmative action plans, but orders Davis Medical College to admit Alan Bakke who claimed "reverse discrimination"
July 25 First "Test-Tube Baby" born to John and Lesley Brown of Bristol, England
September 17 Camp David Summit concludes with the signing of a framework for peace signed 'by President Carter, President Sadat of Egypt, and Prime Minister Begin of Israel
October 16 Polish Cardinal elected to become Pope John Paul II
December 10 Prime Minister Begin and President Sadat receive Nobel Peace Prize
September 27 U.S. House of Representatives sends a bill implementing the treaties to President for signature. [This legislation allowed the U.S. to operate the Panama Canal until the year 2000 and to defend the Canal Zone with U.S. forces]
October 1 Panama Canal Zone becomes Panamanian territory

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