Electing Our Presidents Teacher Workshop, Session Two

Education - Teacher Resources Education - Professional Development February 25, 2021 at 6:30 pm

Educators from the Hoover, Truman, Carter, Clinton and Reagan Presidential Libraries will be hosting “Electing Our Presidents.” This professional development webinar will examine the question “Does our process of electing our president best serve the American people?” In doing so, we’ll examine:

“Who Counts?” - Josh Montanari, Carter Presidential Library

“Who Can Vote?” - Kathleen Pate, Clinton Presidential Library

“How Do We Vote?” - Elizabeth Dinschel, Hoover Presidential Library

“What Happens if the Results are Challenged?” - Mark Adams and Angela Estep, Truman Presidential Library

“What Happens if a President Dies or is Unfit to Serve?” - Mira Cohen, Reagan Presidential Library

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