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About The Jimmy Carter Library

The Jimmy Carter Library is located in Atlanta Georgia, about two miles from downtown, and about 15 miles from Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport. A map and directions to the Library is available. Public transportation is available in Atlanta, and lodging is abundant, but generally not near the Library. The Library is open to research Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Materials are available to any adult requiring the unique material contained in the Library. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

The Jimmy Carter Library actively solicits material of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, material of major figures in the Carter administration or among the Carters' political or close personal friends, material of similar figures of secondary importance when they document significant aspects of the Carter administration, and material of President Carter's family.

The initial research visit begins with an interview by a Carter Library staff member. The researcher is required to fill out an application and present photographic identification. The orientation interview also includes a discussion of the material available on the researcher's topic.

Research assistance can often be provided by telephone, mail, or e-mail. Staff members will provide information about library holdings, copies of specific documents, and answers to specific questions. Staff members may not conduct research, select items for duplication, or review manuscripts. Researchers are often referred to local universities or public libraries if the information sought is not exclusively available at the Carter Library.

Not all material at the library is available for research. Staff members must arrange, describe, preserve, and review for restrictions before material may be opened for research. Restrictions include national security regulations, federal agency restrictions, and access provisions in deeds of gift for donated historical material.

This process takes some time, and not all of the material at the Carter Library is open to research. The list of Manuscript Collections at the Jimmy Carter Library indicates those portions of the holdings that are now open to research. Open collections normally also include some items that have been withdrawn for one of the reasons mentioned above. Researchers will find lists of all restricted items within the folders of open material.

The Library has standard archival Finding Aids which describe the materials that have been processed and opened. Many of these finding aids are online. The Library also has an electronic data base describing the location of information by subject, Online Public Access OPA (instructions). Researchers will be provided with a search of their topic, either in advance by mail or e-mail, or at the time of their initial interview.

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