Federal Records

Record Group 220, Records of Temporary Committees, Commissions, and Boards

  • Cuban-Haitian Task Force

    Established formally on July 15, 1980, at the direction of the White House and disbanded on June 1, 1981, the Task Force was created to manage and coordinate the processing and resettlement of the mass Cuban and Haitian migration into the United States. 26 linear feet.

  • Japan-U.S. Economic Relations Group

    On May 2, 1979, President Carter and Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira agreed to establish a committee to submit recommendations for maintaining healthy bilateral economic relations between the United States and Japan. The committee submitted its final report in January 1981 and a supplemental report in October 1981. 6 linear feet.

  • National Commission on Neighborhoods

    Created by law on April 24, 1977, the commission was empowered to recommend changes in public policy to include the federal government in conservation and revitalization of neighborhoods. The commission’s final report of March 19, 1979, included recommendations on economic development, housing, neighborhood self-help programs, and tax codes. 21 linear feet.

  • National Commission on the International Year of the Child

    The United Nations General Assembly designated 1979 as the International Year of the Child. In 1978 President Carter and Congress established the National Commission on the IYC under the direction of Jean Young (Mrs. Andrew Young). As part of its overall mandate, the commission sought to stimulate a better understanding of the needs of children in the United States and abroad. The commission issued its final report to the President on April 21, 1980. 17 linear feet.

  • Presidential Commission on World Hunger

    Established on September 5, 1978, by Executive Order 12078, the PCWH investigated the problems of world hunger and malnutrition. Peter Bourne, Special Assistant to the President for Health Issues, coordinated a White House Task Force on World Hunger during the commission’s formative period. Sol Linowitz chaired the PCWH. The commission concluded its work on June 30, 1980. 17 linear feet.

  • President’s Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties

    Established October 24, 1979, by Executive Order, the commission was to examine underlying trends in American society, identify the most crucial public policy challenges of the 1980s, and recommend approaches for dealing with those issues. The final report was presented to the President on January 16, 1981. 7 linear feet.

  • Presidential Commission on Mental Health

    Created by Executive Order on February 17, 1977, this commission was headed by Honorary Chairperson Rosalynn Carter. The commission investigated availability, cost, and shortcomings of mental health services throughout the nation. Recommendations for federal, state, local, and private funding were included in a four-volume report. 11 linear feet.

  • President’s Management Improvement Council

    Executive Order 12157 on September 14, 1979, established the PMIC to advise the President and agency heads on ways to improve management practices and program performance in the federal government. The council was co-chaired by the Directors of the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management. Council membership included 18 executives from federal, state, and local government and the private sector. The council submitted its final report on December 30, 1980. 2 linear feet, six inches.

  • White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development

    Legislation in 1976 authorized this conference for which President Carter announced plans on August 4, 1977. Five hundred delegates attended the conference in Washington, DC, from January 29 to February 2, 1978. The conference’s final report was submitted to President Carter in July 1978. On January 19, 1979, the President transmitted his report on the conference’s findings to Congress. 10 linear feet.

Record Group 274, Records of Inaugural Committees

  • 1977 Inaugural Committee

    The records of the 1977 Inaugural Committee include correspondence and reports concerning the planning of the many events associated with the 1977 inauguration. 24 linear feet.

Record Group 309, Records of the Small Business Administration

  • Records of Jimmy and Lillian Carter’s SBA Loan

    This SBA file concerns a federally guaranteed loan granted to Jimmy and Lillian Carter for the purpose of expanding the Carter family’s peanut warehouse business. This file documents all transactions concerning the application, receipt, and payment of the loan for the period between 1962 and 1971. 5 linear inches. Unprocessed and not available for research.