Museum Visitors

Museum Visitors

The museum includes photographs and historical memorabilia from the Carter presidency (1977 - 1981).

Archival Research

Archival Research

Archivists can provide reference services for the unique historical material available for research in the Library's holdings.

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Quality educational materials and experiences for students, educators, and the public.

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia houses U.S. President Jimmy Carter's papers and other material relating to the Carter Administration and the Carter family's life.


    • Daniel James Brown - Discussion of the book “Facing the Mountain” with Jonathan Jordan
      Author Programs April 18, 2021-May 19, 2021

      Author Program May 18 at 7pm

      Online : Zoom Webinar

      “Facing the Mountain” is an unforgettable chronicle of war-time America and the battlefields of Europe. Based on Daniel James Brown’s extensive interviews with the families of the protagonists as well as deep archival research, it portrays the kaleidoscopic journey of four Japanese-American families and their sons, who volunteered for 442nd Regimental Combat Team and were deployed to France, Germany, and Italy, where they were asked to do the near impossible. Brown also tells the story of these soldiers’ parents, immigrants who were forced to shutter the businesses, surrender their homes, and submit to life in concentration camps on U.S. soil.

    • Lynden Harris - Discussion of the Book “Right Here, Right Now” with Lisa Armstrong
      Author Programs April 18, 2021-May 26, 2021

      Author program May 25 at 7pm

      Online: Google Meet

      “Right Here, Right Now” is a collection of powerful, first-person stories of dozens of men on death rows across the country. From childhood experiences living with poverty, hunger, and violence to mental illness and police misconduct to coming to terms with their executions, these men outline their struggle to maintain their connection to society and sustain the humanity that incarceration and its daily insults attempt to extinguish.

    • Kai Bird - “Outlier: The Unfinished Presidency of Jimmy Carter”
      Author Programs April 18, 2021-June 17, 2021

      Author Program June 16 at 7pm

      Online: Zoom Webinar

      Drawing on interviews with Carter and members of his administration and recently declassified documents, Kai Bird delivers a profound, clear-eyed evaluation of a leader whose legacy has been deeply misunderstood. “The Outlier” is the definitive account of an enigmatic presidency—both as it really happened and as it is remembered in the American consciousness.


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