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Student Programming

Find everything you need to know about our current variety of distance learning options for students of all ages.

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Educator Resources

Whether you're looking for lesson plans, civic engagement activities, or document-based question exercises, we've got you covered.

Ask an Education Specialist

Unable to find what you are looking for? Contact our education team for more information on programs, lesson plans, primary source material, workshops, and related content.

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Professional Development

Your place or ours? The Carter Library will meet you wherever you are to support Educators and provide new insights to teaching with primary sources.

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Civics for All of US

Civics for All of US delivers thought-provoking educational programs and powerful educational resources to the public, regardless of their proximity to a National Archives facility.

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National History Day

Since 1974, NHD has continuously improved history education by challenging students in theme-based learning, research, and creativity.

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Senior Community Engagement

The Carter Library is committed to providing access to quality programming for Senior Community groups and organizations.