Jimmy Carter grew up on the red clay soil of a Georgia peanut farm and rose to the presidency of the United States. Since 1982, as the founder of The Carter Center, he has helped millions of people around the world fight disease and pursue human rights. Who has traveled farther in one lifetime?

The President’s Travels, our geography-based curriculum guide to the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum experience, uses the life and times of President Carter as a springboard to teach your students about the world. All lessons make use of facsimiles of primary sources from our holdings: documents, reports, maps, photographs, letters, diaries, posters, artifacts, and recordings created by those who participated in the events of the past.

19 Curriculum Units | Grades 2 - 12 | GPS-Correlated: US History - Civics - Geography - Energy & Environment - Human Rights - US Foreign Policy - Science & Health - Current Events - Middle-East - Segregation & Civil Rights - Character Education.

UNIT 1: Children’s Letters to President Carter

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

GSE: Information Processing Skill #6; SS2CG2, SS2CG3

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Letter writing, Current events & their impact on the presidency, Energy and the environment.

14 Pages | 623 kb | UNIT 1

UNIT 2: Life in Plains, GA

Grades: 2nd - 12th

GSE: SS2H1a, SS2H2b, SS2G2, SS2CG2 (a&b), SS3H2a, SSCG8, SS3H2b, SS3G2, SSWG1, SS8H10, SS5H2c, SS5H8 (b&d), SS8H6c, SS8H11, SSUSH22, SS8H24a, SS5H3b, SS5H4b, SS5G2b, SS8H12b, SS8H8

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Compare & contrast historical exercises, Onsite interactive multimedia activity, Online research activities, Peanut farming research exercise, G. W. Carver research activity, Segregation, GA & the Civil Rights movement, Impact of the Great Depression on GA, Motion picture analysis activity, Segregated classroom simulation, Social media simulation exercise

71 Pages | 4,029 kb | UNIT 2

UNIT 3: The Negro Motorist Green Book

Grades: 4th - 8th

GSE: SS2H1 (a&b), SS5H8b

Themes/Content: Geography, Segregation & Civil Rights, Online research activities

7 Pages | 395 kb | UNIT 3

UNIT 4: The Peanut Brigade (1976 Campaign)

Grades: 2nd - 12th


Themes/Content: Document analysis, Artifact Analysis, Mock campaigns, Online political research, Geography, Pre- and Post-visit activities

30 Pages | 1,880 kb | UNIT 4

UNIT 5: A Day In The Life

Grades: 2nd - 12th

GSE: SSWG4, SSWG7, SSWG8, SS2CG2 (a&b), SS2CG3, SS5H9a, SSCG12, SSCG13 (a&b), SSCG20, SS8H12 (a&b), SSUSH25; NCSS-Era 10 Standard 1, 1a.; SS5H9, SS8H12; Era 9 Standard 2, 2d; Language Arts-ELA8W1

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Civics, Expository writing activity, Compare & contrast research exercise, On-site museum interactive activity, Presidential decision making, Social media simulation activity

19 Pages | 1,720 kb | UNIT 5

UNIT 6: Carter Library Onsite Multimedia Interactives

Grades: 2nd - 12th

GSE: GPS: SS2J1a, SS2CG3, SS6G1, SS8H12b

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Motion picture analysis, Multimedia extension activities, On-site museum interactive exercises

24 Pages | 1,842 kb | UNIT 6

UNIT 7: A Day In the Life of the President

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 5th - 12th

GSE: GPS: SSKG1, SSKG2, SS2H1a, SS2G2, SS2G2, SS3CG1b, SS3CG1c, SS5H9, SS5G2, SS8h11C, SS8H12B, SS8G1a, SSWG2, SSWG7, SSUSH25c, SSWH20, SSWH21

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Presidential decision making, Roles & duties of the president, Collaborative executive crisis simulation, Pre-visit and On-site interactive activities, Post-visit writing activity

33 Pages | 1,500 kb | UNIT 7

UNIT 8: Political Peanuts - Cartoons Inspired by President Carter

Grades: 4th - 12th

GSE: Information Processing Skill(s) #6, #8; NCSS-SSWH19

Themes/Content: Cartoon analysis, Energy & environment, Symbolism, Current events exercises, Iran hostage crisis, Vocabulary builder activity, Camp David, Online extension activities

33 Pages | 1,697 kb | UNIT 8

UNIT 9: The Panama Canal

Grades: 5th - 12th

GSE: GPS: SS5H3c, SS6CG1, SSCG3, SSCG12, SSCG20, SS8H12b, SSWG7, SSUSH14c; Science - S6Ed, S6E3, S7L4 (c&e)S

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, U. S. / Latin-American relations, Onsite information hunts, Collaborative watershed stakeholder game, Political cartoon analysis, Online extended research activities

60 Pages | 3,601 kb | UNIT 9

UNIT 10: The Camp David Accords

Grades: 4th - 12th

GSE: SS7H2, SS7G8, SS5H9, SSCG20, SSCG12, SSUSH25c, SSWH19b

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Motion picture analysis activity, Political cartooning exercise, Writing activity, Mid-east research, Online post-visit research

33 Pages | 2,092 kb | UNIT 10

UNIT 11: Two White Houses - The Iran Hostage Crisis

Grades: 7th - 12th

GSE: SS7G5, SS7G8, SS7CG5, SSUSH25c, SSWH20a

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Middle-East, U. S. foreign policy issues

13 Pages | 826 kb | UNIT 11

UNIT 12: A New Deal in Georgia

Grades: 4th - 12th

GSE: SS5H5, SS8E3, SS8E4, SS8E5, SSWG8

Themes/Content: Geography, Poster analysis activity, New Deal era research activity, Vocabulary builder, Collaborative discussion exercise, Expository writing activity, S.E.S. extension exercise, Online research activities

48 Pages | 962 kb | UNIT 12

UNIT 13: Our Documents

Grades: 4th - 12th

GSE: Information Processing Skill(s) #6, #8

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Media literacy, Importance of presidential libraries

6 Pages | 544 kb | UNIT 13

UNIT 14: Waging Peace - Election Monitoring

Grades: 2nd - 12th


Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Pre-visit activities, On-site interactive exhibit exercise, Carter Center election monitoring program, Online research activities, Mock election exercise, Political analysis, ELA exercise, Election observation simulation

43 Pages | 1,996 kb | UNIT 14

UNIT 15: Launching Liberty - Democracy in Liberia

Grades: 2nd - 12th


Themes/Content: Geography, Reading comprehension activity, Vocabulary builder exercise, Carter Center election monitoring program, Language arts / Poetry analysis activity, Motion picture analysis activity, On-site museum interactive activity

37 Pages | 1,295 kb | UNIT 15

UNIT 16: The Carter Center - Fighting Disease

Grades: 6th - 12th


Themes/Content: Document Analysis, Geography, Health & disease issues, Distribution of natural resources, Environmentalism

12 Pages | 764 kb | UNIT 16

UNIT 17: Fighting Tropical Disease - Cleanliness Counts

Grades: 4th - 8th

GSE: Geography-SSWG1; Health-HEK1b, HE1.1b, HE2.1b

Themes/Content: Geography, Carter Center disease eradication program, Hygiene & sanitation game

86 Pages | 19,785 kb | UNIT 17

UNIT 18: Fighting Tropical Disease - What Ails You?

Grades: 5th - 12th

GSE: Geography-SSWG1 (a-c), SSWG3, SSWG4 (a-d), SSWG4, SSWG5 (a-c), SSWG7 (b-d); Science-S5L4, S7L4; Epidemiology-SEPI1 (c&d), SEPI2

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Geography, Carter Center health programs, Collaborative disease simulation game, Online extended research activity

34 Pages | 3,388 kb | UNIT 18

UNIT 19: Waging Peace - The Nobel Peace Prize

Grades: 2nd - 12th

GSE: SS2CG3, SS2H1a, SS2H1b, SSUSH25c

Themes/Content: Document analysis, Simulation game, Discussion/collaboration/research activity, Online extension activities, Pre- and Post-visit activities

25 Pages | 1,868 kb | UNIT 19