Accessing AV

The Carter Library has extensive audiovisual (AV) holdings, including still images, audio, and moving images. AV research can be challenging given variables in formats as well as complexities when migrating information from analog to digital. The audiovisual reference staff can help you further navigate these holdings as well as purchase copies where available and applicable. Ask An Archivist to connect with an AV team member today.

To credit the use of Jimmy Carter Library special media material obtained from our holdings in an audiovisual production, such as a film, broadcast documentary, or online presentation, we ask that you provide the general credit line:  Courtesy: National Archives and Records Administration, Jimmy Carter Library or Courtesy: Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

To determine the cost of ordering copies of AV materials from the Library please view the associated Fees for Reproducing Audiovisual Materials.

While much of the Library's materials can be considered to be in the public domain, many other items (such as some donated historical material and WHCA news/broadcast videotapes, as examples) are subject to copyright law. The Jimmy Carter Library is part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); for more information, view NARA's Permissions / Rights for Use of Special Media Records.

NARA does not confirm copyright status for any items, indemnify the user from legal or other action, or provide a definitive statement of public domain status, copyright, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights. Further, NARA does not license its content, or grant exclusive or non-exclusive publication privileges or usage rights to records. NARA can provide users with any information that was acquired with the material, such as accession files, agency catalogs, scripts and production files, and deed of gift agreements.

The Library makes open historical material and reproductions available for public access where applicable unless restrictions apply. It is the requester's responsibility to determine rights regarding further usage as well as obtain any needed permissions from the rights-holder(s.)

Viewing facilities may be available at the Library upon inquiry although it is strongly recommended you inquire in advance to confirm due to variabilities with older AV analog formats and viewing equipment. You may also inquire about purchasing reproductions of materials. Videos and footage examples have been uploaded to our YouTube page, as well.

AV Collections

White House Staff Photographers, 1977-81 (ca. 600,000 photos)
This collection consists of 600,000 color and black-and-white negatives of Jimmy Carter while he was President. Arranged chronologically, the collection documents the day-to-day activities of President and Mrs. Carter. The collection also includes shots of the President’s family, White House aides, cabinet members and meetings, President Carter’s trips, and visits by foreign leaders. Contact sheets of the negatives can be made available virtually or as part of in-person research. Researchers may use the Presidential Daily Diary Name Index to determine dates of meetings with the President. The photographs are in the public domain. To explore further, we recommend starting with the National Archives Catalog (NAID 1120).

White House Communications Agency Audiotapes, 1977-1981
Approximately 3,700 one-quarter-inch reel-to-reel audio tapes include impromptu remarks, speeches, press conferences, press briefings, and other public statements by the President, Mrs. Carter, Vice President Mondale, senior staff aides, and Carter family members. The tapes are arranged by speaker and then chronologically. Finding aids are available for the President, First Lady, and staff series. A high percentage of the tapes are in the public domain. WHCA Presidential Audio Log | WHCA First Lady Audio Log

White House Communications Agency Videotapes (WHCA), 1977-81
This collection consists of 1,550 three-quarter inch videotapes of President Carter’s televised speeches and press conferences, network programs featuring President or Mrs. Carter or senior staff aides, and daily news reports from the major television networks. The collection also includes a few Presidential speech rehearsals, White House briefings, and Senate hearings. The collection is arranged chronologically and is listed accordingly. Please contact the Library to determine best method of access, dependent on your research needs. Please be advised that approximately half of the videotape collection has copyright restrictions. Permission for use of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the researcher. WHCA Video Log

Naval Photographic Center Film (NPC), 1977-1981
Navy film crews produced 1,100,000 feet of 16mm color motion picture film documenting approximately 1,000 Presidential events and appearances. The collection is arranged chronologically. The NPC Film Log film inventory and descriptive shot cards for each reel of film are available at the Library. The entire film collection is in the public domain.

Roddey Mims Collection, 1976-82
Roddey E. Mims was a Washington photographer from 1962 until his death in 1982. The Mims Collection (NAID 1103) at the Carter Library covers the period January 5, 1976 to September 28, 1982. Mims covered the Washington political scene for the most part, but also traveled with the Presidents and other politicians. He covered John Connally’s 1976 Presidential campaign, Capitol Hill, and the White House during the Carter and Reagan administrations. See also our finding aids for more information.

Information on additional collections may be added as more material is processed and made available.