Instructions for Rescue Mission Report

To retrieve the Iranian Hostage Crisis “Rescue Mission Report” from the Lloyd Norton Cutler Files:

To search the open holdings of the Jimmy Carter Library via the World Wide Web, see:

Click on: ARC Search

At the ARC Basic Search Form:

  1. Enter your search terms (keywords)

  2. At the “Location of Archival Materials” box, select: Jimmy Carter Library

  3. Click on the “Go” button

  4. Click the “See Hierarchy” button

  5. You will retrieve records describing FILE FOLDERS of manuscript material in the open collections of the Jimmy Carter Library. Sometimes, an approximate page count will be listed. The Library requires the collection title, box number, and folder title to access the file folder in which you are interested.

    The Jimmy Carter Library will copy the entire contents of file folders for mail-order researchers. Costs are 80 cents per page with a minimum order of $15.00. Contact the Library with your specific requests for an exact price quote.

    You may also search the 800 photographs and 800 pages of manuscript material from our collections that are imaged in ARC. Check the “Descriptions of Archival Materials linked to digital copies” box on the ARC Basic Search form and follow the above instructions.