It is extremely important that researchers employ an adequate form of footnote citation. A clear, consistent form of citation will assist the Carter Libary staff in finding the document for a researcher who wishes to reexamine it or for other researchers who wish to see it. Regardless of footnote style, each citation should contain the following elements:

  • Type of document
  • Names of sender and recipient or title of document
  • Date of document
  • Folder title
  • Box Number (note: box numbers sometimes change, and items should never be identified only by box number)
  • Collection title
  • Jimmy Carter Library


  • White House Central File, Subject File:

    Memo, Bob Lipshutz and Stu Eizenstat to President Carter, 3/23/79, “CA 7 Ex.” folder, Box CA-14, WHCF-Subject File, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • White House Central File, Name File:

    Letter, Reid Bondurant to President Carter, 2/15/77, “Bondurant” folder, WHCF-Name File, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Correspondence Tracking

    Letter, Sharon Slepicka to Eugene Eidenberg, 8/29/80, File No. 077387, Box 211, WHCF-Correspondence Tracking, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • White House Staff Office Files:

    Memo, Jody Powell to Frank Moore, 6/22/77, “Memoranda—Moore, Frank, 1/28/77-6/22/77 [CF, O/A 55]” folder, Box 46, Jody Powell’s Files, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Donated Historical Material:

    List, Organizations Endorsing SALT II, 11/9/79, “Carter Administration Efforts” folder, Box 3, George D. Moffett Collection, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Federal Records:

    Bob Kuttner’s Position Description, “Staff Descriptions” folder, Box 1, Records of the National Commission on Neighborhoods, RG 220, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Oral Histories:

    Hedley Donovan Interview, 8/14/80, White House Staff Exit Interviews, p. 10, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Audiovisual Materials:

    Film, “Bill Sign; Rhodesia Chrome,” 3/18/77, 87/00360-7M-0330, U.S. Naval Photographic Center Collection, Jimmy Carter Library.

    Audiotape, “Remarks of the President upon Arrival at Orly Airport,” 1/4/78, PRESUS Tape No. 522, White House Communications Agency Collection, Jimmy Carter Library.

  • Photographs:

    Please use the following credit line: Courtesy: Jimmy Carter Library.

Citing Materials from the Internet

From Columbia Guide to Online Style :

To cite files available on the WWW, give the author’s name, last name first (if known); the full title of the work, in quotation marks; the title of the complete work (if applicable), in italics; any version or file numbers; and the date of the document or last revision (if available). Next, list the protocol (e.g., “http”) and the full URL, followed by the date of access in parentheses.


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