National Security Council, 1977-81:
Staff, Organization, and Meetings

Zbigniew Brzezinski served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. A suggested resource for learning more about how the NSC functioned during the Carter administration is Brzezinski's Power and Principle: Memoirs of the National Security Adviser, 1977-1981.

To learn about NSC meetings (i.e., how many, types, dates, topics) we recommend that you consult the finding aid for the National Security Council Institutional Files (1977-1981.)

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Presidential Directives (PDs)

Presidential Directives are authorized or signed by the President and issued by the National Security Council. The name of these documents would change from administration to administration.

Presidential Review Memoranda (PRMs)

PRMs identified topics/challenges to be researched and analyzed by the NSC. Responsibility was assigned to a NSC committee, either the Policy Review Committee or Special Coordination Committee.