The majority of these documents come from the White House Central File [WHCF]. Others included are from the National Security Advisor [NSA], the Press Files, White House News Summaries, and the Staff Secretary’s File. The Vertical File is a file made up of pertinent publication clippings.

  1. Letter to President Jimmy Carter from U.S. Congressman Daniel J. Flood, January 27, 1977 [WHCF]. Document 1
  2. Letter to President Carter from William. J. Rogers, National Commander, The American Legion, July 5. 1977 [WHCF]. Document 2
  3. Letter to U.S. Congressman David C. Treen from Frank Moore. Assistant to the President for Congressional Liaison. April 13, 1977 [WHCF]. Document 3
  4. Letter to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance from Sol M. Linowitz, May 2, 1977 [WHCF]. Document 4
  5. Letter to U.S. Congress from President Carter, August 12, 1977 [NSA]. Document 5
  6. Letter to Governor Averell Harriman from Landon Butler. Deputy Assistant to the President, August 25. 1977 [WHCF]. Document 6
  7. Memo to Associate Press Secretary for the National Security Council Jerry Schecter and Press Secretary Jody Powell from Robert A. Pastor, Latin American specialist on the National Security Council, September 7, 1977 [Press Files, Powell]. Document 7
  8. Memo to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance from Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Hodding Carter III, October 4, 1977 [WHCF]. Document 8
  9. White House News Summary, September 8, 1977. Document 9. This visual cannot be displayed due to copyright. For a copy, please see Nashville Banner and the Dayton Journal Herald, September 8, 1977.
  10. “Public Opposition. ..Here it comes, folks, the engineering feat of the century!” Cartoon by Draper Hill. Detroit News August 15,1977. [White House News Summary]. Document 10. This visual cannot be displayed due to copyright. For a copy, please see The Detroit News, August 15, 1977.
    *10a. “The First Spadeful” Cartoon by William A. Rogers. New York Herald circa 1904. The American Presidency in Political Cartoons, 1776-1976, p. 155. Document 10a. This visual cannot be displayed due to copyright.
  11. “Support for Panama Treaties Increases with Knowledge” by George Gallup. October 23, 1977 [Vertical File]. Document 11
  12. “After we sink the Panama Canal Treaties” Cartoon by Herb Block. Washington Post, January 19, 1978. Document 12. This visual cannot be displayed due to copyright. For a copy, please see Washington Post , January 19, 1978.
  13. “Beyond the Panama Treaties” The New York Times January 28, 1978 [Files of Bob Beckel]. Document 13
  14. Letter to U.S. Senators from President Jimmy Carter, November 5, 1977 [Staff Secretaries File]. Document 14
  15. Panama Canal Pacts Status of the Senate sheets, February 2, 1978 -March 14, 1978 [WHCF]. Document 15
  16. Memo to Hamilton Jordan, Frank Moore, Landon Butler, Bob Thomson from Special Assistant Joe Aragon, March 8, 1978 [WHCF]. Document 16
  17. Note to Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan from Rick (we believe to be Hendrik Hertzberg, Speechwriter), April 10, 1978 memo to National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski from Robert Pastor, April 10, 1978) [WHCF]. Document 17
  18. Letter to U.S. Senators from President Carter, April, 1978 [Staff Secretaries File, 4/26/78]. Document 18