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The President’s Travels (19 Units)

The Panama Canal Treaties-How Treaties are Ratified

Carter Center Teacher Resource Center

Civics Activities

Primary Source Birthday Challenge

Museum Scavenger Hunt - Elementary

Museum Scavenger Hunt - Secondary

A Remarkable Portrait Scavenger Hunt - Elementary

A Remarkable Portrait Scavenger Hunt - Secondary

The Constitution and You - Elementary

The Constitution and You - Middle

The Constitution and You -High

The Equal Rights Amendment and You - High

International Paint Pals: Primary Sources of Peace

Teamwork - Elementary

Family, Culture and Traditions - Middle

Stewardship - High

AP U.S. History Document-Based Exercises

The Antiquities Act

19th Amendment (Women’s Suffrage)

Camp David Peace Accords

Civilian Conservation Corps

Hostage Crisis in Iran

Panama Canal Treaties

Education Program Presentation Slides (Active Hyperlink Access)

Louis E. Martin: The Godfather of Black Politics

Electing Our Presidents: Who Counts? (Census)

Primed on the Presidency

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Planning for the Future: Jimmy Carter and the Energy Crisis

Jimmy Carter, ANILCA and the Antiquities Act

The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Carter

National History Day 2021, “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding”

Jimmy Carter for National History Day Student Workshop

Suggested Topics for National History Day 2021

A Revolution, a Reaction and a Reform: Getting Ready for National History Day (DocsTeach)

National Archives NHD Resources

NHD Official Website

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Museum Virtual Tour

Carter Library Google Arts & Culture Online Exhibits

Carter Library on YouTube

National Archives Educator Resources

Document Analysis Worksheets

Presidential Libraries


Georgia Standards of Excellence

White House Historical Association

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